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Promoted Radio Interviews:

The aim of an interview is to provide, in the interviewee’s own words, facts, reasons or opinions on a particular topic so that the listener can form a conclusion as the validity of what he or she is saying. The interview is essentially a spontaneous event.

Website Advertisement

Most products fall between these two extremes. For example, a restaurant provides a physical good, but also provides services in the form of ambience, the setting and clearing of the table, etc.

Article write up

To make your impact as an artist, or brand, you have to make your marketing count. A professionally written article is a crucial part of your whole presentation as a brand. Grade A Radio Articles explain your work quickly and forcefully, creating custom SEO content that improves your visibility on search engines. SEO drives traffic to your website or brand, encouraging people to purchase your products/services.

Online Radio Streaming Advertisement:

The Grade a Radio App is available on both Apple and Android platforms with over 10,000 consistent users. Our line up of over 20 active shows keeps listeners tuned in daily, with diverse content that appeals to mass markets. A commercial captured by our professional team will package your brand, and automate the marketing process.

Grade A Events

With hundreds of gatherings in our catalogue, from the biggest national events, to local targeted shows, Grade A Radio produces and participates in world class events across the country, presenting unique opportunities for advertisers to engage with our audience on and off site.

Digital Advertising Displays

Mounted digital advertising displays in lobbies and entertainment venues offer countless advertising and paid partnership opportunities within our affiliates. Crafted by Grade A Medias Production Team to create stunning visuals that are integrated seamlessly into the user experience. Digital Display Advertising helps create initial interest and remarketing opportunities.

Social Media Advertising

With thousands of followers across our multiple social media platforms. Grade A Media utilizes our unique digital assets, with massive reach to create innovative campaigns, and programs for key advertising and marketing partners.

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