HOW TO SURVIVE IN A NEIGHBORHOOD WAR. Most will fold but No limit came up out the trenches. In the heart of New Orleans Calliope projects and Magnolia projects would take over the streets. In the middle was No limit, SILKK mentions that in the beginning it was tough to reach the ears of the […]

Though we are going through tough times, families across the world are making light of the COVID-19 error. Trending TikTok sound tracks are the new hot topics of the day. TikTok gave Drake another viral moment by reviving “Nonstop,” and now he really doesn’t wanna stop. This time, the rapper’s latest song, “Toosie Slide,” already had a […]

The trending Chinese computer application Tic Toc has taken over the internet teaching families and friends to move their bodies & dance to popular music artists coreography like Megan Thee Stallion and Da Baby. This nationwide quarantine has forced everyone to stay in side and practice social distancing. While doing this, many become bored and […]

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