Famous Dex Falls Asleep On IG Live, Camp Confirms Drug Abuse [Video]

Written by on September 29, 2021

While Famous Dex attributes his recent nod off to lack of rest his team is saying otherwise. All signs points to drug abuse.


Dex’s team has confirmed with the celebrity gossip site that he is struggling with drug addiction; specifically opioids. Their source in question states that they have hired a person to be with him at all times to ensure he does not relapse. Even worse this same associate sleeps in the same bed as him to make sure is alive. Thankfully his team is actively working to get him the help he needs.


Earlier this week the “Rich Forever” rapper conducted an Instagram Live feed. In the middle of playing some soon to be released music for his fans and smoking marijuana Dex is seen slowly falling asleep. And this was not your typical quick resting of the eyes either; the Chicago native’s head starts to lean forward to the point where his lit blunt lands on his other hand.


Naturally the clip went viral thus causing him to clarify exactly what happened. He soon did another live stream on Instagram to explain his dopey demeanor saying he had overextended himself with marathon recording sessions.


Famous Dex needs help and needs it fast!!!!

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