Yung AL Presents I am Yung Mixtape Hosted By Lil Zac The DJ

Written by on September 20, 2021

I Am Yung Mixtape by Yung Al Hosted by Lil Zac The DJ .

I am Yung Mixtape is one of those albums you would never get tired of the music. You don’t hear him much on the radio  but Yung Al is a Texas house hold name , you guaranteed to hear AL music being played at urban Texas events or Club Scenes. Back to Album ,This album is worth listening to. The Vibe  changes gradually, but never contradicts the general direction in which the music flows. I  listen to it—the motives me to become  something higher, my favorite song is motion ” I can’t sit around and wait on no n****, I can’t sit around and wait on no b**** its time to put it in motion!!! Another hit song “Back 2 Business ” Featuring Lil Lil Jairmy Produced by Palatium Producer June James. You can also catch appearances from OTB Fastlane, Monaleo.

Production Credit:  Black Keys , DJ Zac , Preal





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