Written by on September 29, 2021

This country is a paradox. When a brother is on his way up meaning well for his fellow man, theres always some hater trying to throw him back down. Travis Scott Houston Native is facing a Class Action Lawsuit, filed by a Rebecca Reed.

Earlier this summer, a woman named Rebecca Read, tried CACTI and found herself so disappointed that she filed a lawsuit against the beverage. Read claims that the drink’s label misleads customers as she expected to pay the premium price for blue agave, as opposed to agave sweetener for her canned alcoholic beverage. In a complaint, Read notes that CACTI claims that its products are “made with 100% Blue Agave from Mexico.” She also stated, “The Product lacks any Agave spirits and instead uses ‘Agave syrup,’ a sweetener derived from the Agave plant, as shown in the fine print ingredient list on the back of the Product.”

Hopefully the boy beats the case and “Cacti” continues to sell.



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