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Much respect to the OG’S that blessed the game with timeless hits, again and again. I also tip my Fitted to how both DIDDY and Jermaine Dupri kept the brotherly love. That being said DIDDY WAS STEPPING ON JERMAINE NECK. JD is a talented producer however that man was evading to play a hit when the four kings sat at the table on ALL URBAN CENTRAL.
Many of us witnessed the stream hosted by Fat Joe on All Urban Central joined by Snoop Dogg, Jermaine Dupri, and DIDDY. Versus is the topic and the Legends are battle for the title of Greatest Of All Time. Snoop playing the Devils Advocate pinned JD Verzuz DIDDY, Fat loving the idea got Puff on the line. Puff read JD his obituary, letting the world his respect for the man; but this hip hop he coming to put him in the casket. DIDDY coming out the corner swinging throwing down victory as his first track. You know a track a hit when the first three seconds hit you with a nostalgia that take you back to Friday nights and Fight Night.  PUFF followed up with a uppercut playing hypnotized, JD WAS STRUGGLING…. Hands down off the weight-in Puff got JD on Hip-Hop bangers. JD produced songs for families, cook out music. The only silver lining Jermaine has on competing is R&B, looking at his entire portfolio as a producer opposed to one genre.
Seeing the two go toe to toe would be dope, who do you think would win, who else would you want to verz DIDDY.

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