Written by on October 10, 2021

When facing your fight in life, your not just fighting your opponent, your facing commentators, fans, and the opposition with their team. You gotta be focused. Floyd mentioned this lesson as he opened up on drink champs. He then eluded to being a legend, even on the road to being a champion you must watch your words. Floyd Mayweather gave his respects to Diego Corralles and Arturo Gatti but mentioned that he does not post about other greats, the “outside” takes situations out of context. RIP TO THE LEGEND KOBE BRYANT , Floyd admitted to the Late Kobe being a similar situation. In person they knew what it was but when you are a champion anything you post, anything you say is analyzed , so it is imperative to choose your words wisely. Overall Floyd has respect for himself, as should you. Your interactions with people and how you carry yourself is important; it’s the difference from getting the bag and “F’n up the money” said Mayweather. In conclusion Floyd said this ” I am a King, every time I eat I eat a feast. When I get up from the table I don’t give a f*ck who get the leftovers.”

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