Written by on September 24, 2021

LIGHTS FLASHING, MONEY COMING IN LIKE A HURRICANE, NEW CARS AND NEW CHICKS GOT RAPPERS IN A DAZE. Slow down big fella, you might not be getting the best deal. Hurricane Chris learns from signing a bad deal to Collipark Music. Hurricane Chris was first approached by “Mr.Collipark” Michael Antoine Crooms to construct a deal and was told to trust in Collipark to look out for him legally.  At the time everything looks good, this is a moment for Hurricane to come up. Looking at the others signed to the label, names such as Soulja Boy, and Yin Yang Twins made the deal look like the winning team. Hurricane Chris who was around 17 at the time, lossed understanding of his deal when he was brought to Polo Ground Music. Chris says that his deal left him out of a lot of money, and he didn’t realize how much he had to go through to get what he wanted. Trusting in your friends is good, but you should always know exactly what your getting into.





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