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The day in the life of a legend must be something presidential, 1st class flights, yachts, and foreign islands all while wearing diamonds. But after so much success life becomes at ease, the dog fight that it took to get to the top of the pyramid is not there no more. Then you get a phone call from Swizz Beatz throwing you in the ring, one shot at the title for Greatest Of All Time. For Ja rule this is a real life situation. Ja rule and Fat Joe, next on the board to contend for the Heavy Weight Championship on Verzuz. Verzuz is an online webcast started by Timberland and Swizz Beatz.
Ja Rule talked about his come up as being an underdog. Having to fight his way up the latter of battle rap to make songs that are “Bigger than Life”. Norega challenged him to clear the air on his evolution, the people say that he moved on to Beverly Hills records. Ja Rule states that he is an Artist and makes music for the world, his evolution from the bottom to the top should make his people Proud. He go on to say that there is a stigma with Rappers that when they flow out of the genre, they’re considered soft. Ja says Verzuz is important because the stage is open to prove the non-believers wrong, to settle the score and add to the culture.

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