Joey Bada$$ Coolin with Mike Tyson

Written by on September 27, 2021

Authenticity is one of the lessons to grab from all the gold that these two GOATs drop. Joey Ba$$ and Mike Tyson chop it up over a good blunt. Passing the torch is a ceremonial practice passed down for generations and today we have a young star Joey Bada$$ hashing out life with a season Vet. Mike gets into the world of Joey by looking at his mind as a kid. Bada$$ said that he started writing poetry in the 1st grade and connected the dots between him and his idles. From there he stuck with what was true to him and mastered it, before long he was a leader, while the other kids followed. This is an old lesson that everybody’s people play on repeat, “Be yourself”. Having the confidence to follow your intuition will develop your own sauce that everybody wants to sample.

Mike found the same lesson through hard knocks. He found his passions through the Juvenile Detention center. First he was humbled by getting knocked out, then he kept going and eventually got better, met Cus D’Amato as a mentor and jumped to the next level. Mike speaks of God Humbling him after winning his belt. Losing loved ones, friends dying, Joey connected with that, mentioning the death of Capital Steez RIP.

This talk opened up the floor to depression and focusing your life on negative energy, all the time that you spend in the mud is wasted. Open dialog with trusted friends, family, mentors, possibly even a complete random stranger can clear your head on a straight path to success. Joey Bada$$ mention a quote from the 48 Laws of power, powerful reading that will sharpen your perspective. “If you have no enemies, find a way to make them”. To Joey this means you have more iron to sharpen yours, “it keeps you on your toes”. Without opposition you become soft without guard, open to getting hit. Mike replies “A man who is a friend to everybody, is an enemy to himself”. Many people stretch themselves thin trying to please everyone, do that and you will let everyone down.




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