Written by on October 9, 2021

BIG BROTHERS OF THE CULTURES sit down at the breakfast club to read the game some insight, what’s going on with what they’ve been going through, and are still pushing.
Off top Migos settle  the rumors of breaking up, Charlemagne brought forth the question, fans noticed  the solo projects the migos were getting into and misunderstood the growth of the group. Off-set clarifying that  “We real blood family” his family backing him up. The bond between family, is beyond the industry, they turn to each other for council. That being said each member of the one man band have their own moves. Solo projects, Take off’s “The Last Rocket”, Offset “Father of 4”, and Quavos “Quavos Huncho”. Migos mentioning that during the tour with Drake,they all dropped solo projects. Migos are staying busy with talk of SHMIGOS COLLAB COMING UP.
ALL THIS DURING COVID-19. Quavo expressed he is vaccinated , but realized  that the shot is not a cure. Offset enlightening the class that you can still catch covid. Angel yee says this is true but you will not be hospitalized  . Sounds to me like it’s not worth it. Charlemagne mentioning that the shot must be taken every year like a flu shot. My problem is that this sounds like a scheduled agenda to expose your body to another outbreak slowly but surely hooking you on medicines (disclaimer, this is not proven science). With covid slowing the nation down, the Migos are still pushing.

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