Written by on September 24, 2021

NEW WAVE NEW SOUND. If the game didn’t change there would be no variety, no inspiration. OG artist know they getting up there when they say “Yall just making noise”, or “this ain’t real music”. Rich The Kid responds with “Does it matter” flexing the diamonds. His position is that the older generation is supposed to congratulate, work together, basically pour into the pot, but it seems that the OG’s just want to kick it over. The world has changed and each generation is facing new problems that the older generation was exposed to. Real Life situation have evolved, some things remain the same and that’s where the top dogs step in. Providing game like an older sibling, helping artist to avoid pit falls. Rich The Kid Highlights what the game should be talking about, his label and signed artist Famous Dex.

Taking a grown man approach, what do they mean? Why does the new wave sound like trash. Is it the lack of lyricism, cadence, the chord progressions, or because there are no real instruments being played. I can respect the OG’s for having a taste for the true skill in learning an instrument and being able to make timeless hits in one take. Music an artform and being able to manipulate a sound resonates with the soul. Today if it does something to your spirit then that’s the only thing that matters, that and the sales.



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