Travis Scott Didn’t Love Fans Enough to Keep Them Safe

Written by on November 12, 2021

Travis Scott,The attorney for one of the victims in Tuesday’s Astroworld tragedy is blaming a lack negligence on behalf of Travis Scott and other performers at the festival. He says that all signs point towards them going to great lengths to protect themselves from crowds, but not putting enough resources into crowd safety which led directly back down hill where people were trampled or crushed by overpacked attendence areas as they awaited their turn near fences topped with razor wire without any way out except backwards

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zbee says that when Axel traveled from Washington to see the Houston festival, he clearly did not enjoy his time there. He was one of 9 people who died at the Travis Scott in which many other artists also performed and attended as well–a 50k capacity concert! While Buzbee trusts no musician completely on their word about loving fans because “I’m not sure they really do,” she does think it’s fair warning for them all: implement better safety measures or expect more deaths like these going forward.

Two people who knew an unidentified victim of a fatal incident at the Houston Astroworld concert embrace at a memorial on Sunday, Nov. 7, 2021. (AP Photo/Robert Bumsted)

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